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I was a professional jewelry designer and manufacturer for 35 years. I was fortunate to win a few awards, get into some of the best national shows and be self-employed. I use to travel and sell in 14 different states though juried art fairs, galleries and department stores. One of my favorite features of this career path were the folks who gravitate to arts and crafts, whether customers or fellow artists, they tend to be curious, entertaining and offer great insights into life at large. In short, a great community to be a part of!

Then I started to have health issues and decided to stay close to home and for the following 10 years I focused on educational and non-profit positions. The health issues worsened and I underwent 7 surgeries in the past 2 years (my jaws were cut from my skull, hung on cables from my nasal cavities, cranked out an inch over a month – but in the process my left side collapsed, so I was asymmetrical &  left without a bite for two years – liquid diets to mush (I became really good at creating soups(!) then jaws were cut from skull again (!!) to correct all the complications – but this left me with severe nerve damage – which is why I need pain management techniques…and I’m here to testify – being creative will take your mind off the pain, no matter the cause (physical, mental or emotional).

To distract from my situation, I created new jewelry designs but got into paper as well – and this medium lifted my spirit beyond reason; all the products, tools and techniques sent me into a frenzy of exploration and enthusiasm …I just couldn’t get enough!!

Now I’m back in the studio and loving it! And through the internet community of paper enthusiasts, I’ve found a new community of friends and connections. Feels good to be engaging with people who find design and craftsmanship inspiring – from the ease of my own home. What’s not to like about that!

I’d love it if you would include your story on how art and crafts have helped you through troubled times, no matter the cause (physical, mental or emotional) so that we all can benefit from each others observations and techniques in this regard. There’s a category called “Share Your Story” on the menu bar so that hopefully you will post your story…I’m a firm believer that telling our stories help each other with the difficult issues we all deal with while here on Mother Earth. Your story will be an inspiration.

Wishing you all the best!


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